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The Time of Love: Energy Exchange

The Time of Love: Energy Exchange The group through Steve Rother

Greetings from Home, dear ones. This moment, right now, is unique in many aspects, but so was the moment just before. You have stepped into something new, and we will explain some of the process. During the next month or so, you have a unique opportunity. This has to do with the energy coming into the planet in new forms.

We have told you for some time that you were developing new bodies. Literally you have been learning how to carry more of your own intrinsic light. Now more of who you truly are on a deeper level as spirits and not just that of the human. You are starting to carry more of that, which has been rather confusing for most of you. Why? For the simple reason that you do not always understand how this energy anchors. You do not know whether you are doing it right or wrong, but we have also stepped out of the need for right and wrong in the new energy. Take a breath, dear ones, and settle for just a moment. What do you feel when you do that?