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Three Steps in Recognizing Your Path

Three Steps in Recognizing Your Path Dwahl Khul through Catherine Weser

The first step in recognizing your path is allowing mystery to be present and being able to respond to it. It is important that you feel the largest sense of who you are while also sensing you can open up to One Life consciousness. This is true amid the knowing that you are always simply you, nothing less and nothing more. The second step is to see the acknowledgment you receive from various sources and in various ways as signposts illuminating your path. The third step is to feel confident in walking the path that continues to unfold before you. This confidence needs to be based in pure motivations.

Step One: Allow Mystery

Allowing mystery means giving up control. It means knowing you simply can be responsive to all the things that seem to come up randomly and that these seemingly random things are the deeper revelations of knowing. Coming to notice the difference in what comes up — whether it seems to just be an affirmation of your expectations or whether it seems to be arising out of nothing — is a useful skill. With this skill, you can start to appreciate that there are always many clues, many unusual ways that One Life communicates.