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Stand in Your Truth

Stand in Your Truth Archangel Metatron through James Tyberonn

Greetings, masters, I am Metatron of angelic light. We greet you as always in a vector of unconditional love. Tyberonn of crystalline service joins me in this session. In year three of the New Earth, light is being directed into shadow. Unresolved energies are surfacing, and that which may be termed as the dark energies are in the last throes of their former dominance. Yet be aware that the third dimension is a dimension of duality, and this will not change. It will not change because duality is a dimension of opposites, of purposed opposition, for it is within 3D duality that you learn creatorship in the university of Earth.

Earth is the testing ground of learning responsible creatorship. What is changing is that the arc swing of duality is lessening, and such lessening is manifested as having clarity of path. The two sides will be more defined. More choices will be revealed and, in that sense, made more black and white as opposed to gray.

There will always be the naysayers, and they too have their roles. But remember, in the New Earth, the law of attraction becomes stronger, meaning that what you choose to believe and that which you dwell on in thought will manifest more quickly. So it is for you to decide: Will you manifest fear, or will you create the better world? It is a complex process, but the path — the fork in the road — is now more clearly defined.