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Sound: Consonants and Vowels

Sound: Consonants and Vowels Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

Sound and mathematics are one and the same, omnidimensionally speaking of course. Each one is just another way of saying the same thing. In your dimensional reality, you experience sound as the frequency that your ears and your physical body receive and translate for you. Mathematics is simply a way of explaining the aspects of sound in another language.

For example, your written or sheets of music are a representation of mathematical segments of energy frequencies. It tells those who are participating in creating those frequencies which mathematical vibration to create using their instruments — which, by the way, includes their voices. Speaking of voice (joke intended), let us talk about the sounds you are able to create with your body. Most important are the sounds you make with your voice. The majority of sounds you create with your body come through your mouth. This includes not only your voice but also clicking, whistling, and other such interesting sounds.

In ancient days of your species when you were first learning to use your physical body to communicate via the sounds you could make with your mouth, your language included many sounds that today you would categorize as sound effects, not language. But language it was. Today those sounds have been modified into what you call consonants. These are the sounds that stop sound.