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Sing a Song of Remembrance with the Whales

Sing a Song of Remembrance with the Whales Macroversal Council through Rainey Marie Highley

We come to you now with visions of water and light. We bring you the sacred geometries of sound and healing through our beloved ancestors, the humpback whales. As you might know, the humpback whales sing a new song every year. Each song they sing tells a story. It also holds the frequency of their purpose as a soul group. Like the whales, you too sing a song of remembrance. When you sing this song together, as one pod, one mind, and one consciousness, you will know the truth of who you are and where you have been.

We speak to you, great masters of the ancient song, and we invite you to remember the frequency of your hearts, for this is where your song resides. As you swim deeper and deeper into the caverns of human consciousness, you will discover the legends of the ancient ones. These legends offer you both a key and a release, allowing you to emerge through the portals of human forgetting into the vast and infinite beauty of remembering.