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Rebirth the Truth of You

Rebirth the Truth of You The Cosmic Essence through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Hello, beloved children of ancient wisdom, of all wisdom, of modern wisdom, of future wisdom! We offer to you these adjectives so that you can simply release adjectives and be wisdom. What is it to be filled with wisdom? What is it to recognize the wisdom of the ages? Are you ready for the wisdom that has permeated all to come forward through your expression of density at this time?

Beloved children, you all wear great crowns of divine wisdom. This crown of divine wisdom is a wisdom container. Take a moment now to imagine if you must, feel if you enjoy, and see if you prefer, this crown. Be present with it, for within the content of the structure of the crown is wisdom that offers to each a divine conduit of presence, love, cosmic energy, joy, peace, abundance, and the recognition of oneness through all-ness.

You are the ones wearing the crowns of divine wisdom, opening the gateway to the portal and the recognition of what oneness is. Beloved children, you have now come forward through the time of abundant all-ness. It is as if you have placed all-ness into a soda can, sealed it tight, and have been shaking it for a very long time. And now the lid has popped! All-ness is doing it’s best to express without limitation, as limitation is birthed in density, for how can one limit limitlessness?