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Quest to Alleviate Pain and Suffering

Quest to Alleviate Pain and Suffering Archangel Metatron through Jill Harrison

To follow a spiritual life requires much determination and dedication. It also requires opting for good consciousness. Good consciousness is created through sharing of yourself with others and judging your own actions, not those of others.

It is our wish to try to help you in the human quest to alleviate pain and suffering from your homeland, planet Earth. The energies that fluctuate between the parallel universes can be accessed by anyone who chooses to embrace a life of light and turn away from the negative, critical darkness that surrounds the planet presently. The information given is meant to bring renewed energy to those in search of enlightenment and to reestablish beneficence to all. It will take determination to overcome the misconceptions that have been created by past nations.

Do Not Be Led by Sacrilegious Leaders from the Light