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Pyramids of Light: the Light Pathway of Return

Pyramids of Light: the Light Pathway of Return Archangel Michael through Ronna

Hello, my dearest friends. I just returned from Sedona, Arizona, where I was a featured speaker at the Kryon Summer Light Conference. There were approximately 600 people from all over the world in attendance. It was magical, inspiring, heartwarming, and soul expanding. I wish all of you could have been present to experience the incredible fifth-dimensional environment we created. No one who attended will ever be quite the same.

I channeled the following message before we left for Sedona, and it included a portion of what our beloved Michael said to the conference attendees. He also told us, “You have stepped into a new, higher frequency, a personal infinity portal, wherein you are centered within the still point of God power. Behind you is the harmonized hologram of your past, and before you, the magnificent potential of your future. This is a golden opportunity for each of you to become a true, empowered, masterful cocreator of love, harmony, joy, abundance, and peaceful coexistence.”

I am deeply humbled and grateful for the love, blessings, and gratitude I have received from all of you. We truly are creating a soul family group of momentous proportions. We are making a difference, and we are a divine force changing the world, one loving thought at time.