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The Passing of Discomfort off the Earth

The Passing of Discomfort off the Earth Advisor's Associate through Robert Shapiro

1 June 2015

Advisor through Robert Shapiro

This world is all about motion and, on the more challenging side, about conflicts — so friction. It’s a physical world, and it has that added aspect of competition that has borne some positive fruit but largely has been damaging. 

That is moving off the planet. The planet will not accept it anymore in any additional amount and will not accept what is in residence at the moment. So the planet has deemed that it will go. 

Planets make these decisions, and what was originally invested in the planet, of the discomfort, is gone. It is only those on the planet that are life forms that contain it because they were once invested with it. So as succeeding generations come along, even though they are passing through those who have been invested with it, it will become less and less.