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Open to Your Core Light to Spawn Biosystems in New Matter

Open to Your Core Light to Spawn Biosystems in New Matter The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Cosmic masters, it is time to turn on or open to your full core spirit light if you are ready. However, many of you are trying to shut down your physical bodies or the emotional body systems to release the human into the spirit. It has amplified the separation of human spirit, causing static communication. Some are still allowing the mind to run the human with all its biocell addictive patterns because mind mimic has no clue how to feel or to open the heart to spirit. This keeps the human in a semipaniced state trying to be in charge of the only job it knows: creating from polarized limited choices.

Your Spirit Has Carefully Prepared You for Full Consciousness

Powerful patterns are being cast off that no longer serve and can’t be hidden or tolerated. In preparations for spirit to fully embody the vessel, ancient, deep patterns are being felt that absorb external energies to accept your own core light and that safely protect the biosystems. The safety override is on, and the human self is concerned that the emotions, mind, or body systems will be overwhelmed if it accepts its entire core spirit light. Is this the last death, disease, or suffering the spirit vessel will ever have to live? The vessel is and has always been carefully prepared and upgraded by your spirit for full consciousness in this lifetime. You are your spirit. It can’t be any other way! Take the shortcut that rejects creating unnecessary illnesses, accidents, reactions, or disconnections because the limited human memory is angry or confused at your spirit for all that it has been through.