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Message to Humanity at the Dawn of a New Age

Message to Humanity at the Dawn of a New Age Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Raphael and Archangel Uriel through Kathlyn Kingdon

I speak to you of truth. As you know from depictions of me over several hundred years, I am often rendered with certain recognizable symbols. Some people see me as a warrior of great power, since I am often shown with a mighty sword, engulfed in fire or smoke. These images, along with certain levels of dogma, may seem to portray me as the archangel who fights the battles and destroys the enemies of those I love. Yet this understanding of me is mistaken, for I love all mortal beings.

I am honored in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions, for did I not present the ram in the bush as a substitute for the sacrifice of Isaac by his God-fearing father, Abraham? Did I not appear to the prophet Daniel thrice, offering protection for the just in the times of travail? Did I not accompany Joshua? Did I not wrestle with Jacob in his spiritual training? Was I not a healer to the early Christians in Phrygia? Am I not a patron saint of the Ukraine? Is my name not listed as one of the Mala’ikah who sing the praises of Allah?