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The Matrix Has Shifted

The Matrix Has Shifted Inspired Information through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Lately we have all walked through many layers of fear as we come into more of our unearthed selves. Just like the shifting Earth, we do not remain the same for very long. We stand face to face with every inch of ourselves, knowing that our bodies are storage devices of unspent energies and unopened truths — energies that are now being asked to dissolve.

Like Jell-O sitting out on a hot day, we are all letting go, and most of that has been liquid! Parts of ourselves surface like shifting sands, and we come face to face with parts of ourselves we have not known. We gasp as we see shades of our other selves making themselves seen. Even if we have released and released every darn lifetime — past, present, and future — parts of our unknown selves surface, as if we are releasing multidimensional lives, not just one. The very matrix has shifted, and humanity’s thoughts have risen in accordance with desires.

Thoughts are living entities that seek themselves out, like to like. They gather and form into patterns of similarity. Some of these thoughts will take the form of virtual interference or technical glitches; others will form as unusual weather patterns.