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Karmic Generations and the Future

Karmic Generations and the Future Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. We offer these words as a beginning. They indicate that we, in the realm of spirit, are not so different from you alive in the present day on planet Earth. Yet humanity will often approach the ones they refer to as angels and guides with questions or requests. It is an ancient arrangement that has run its course. We above are now dealing with you below more or less as equals. There is a growing maturity level in spiritual seekers of the physical realm that allows for greater companionship and clarity of communication. It is the culmination of many ages of separateness and the beginning of a new way for life around the solar system. Still, the realm of spirit beings is here to continue guidance while we pass into this newer age.

Often we are asked to speak on the topic of the future. Many have a desire to know the outcome of their work here on the planet. Will life become better? Will the world improve? Was all the study, training, learning, and service to others really of value to humanity and Earth? Is the new age real or only a dream, wishful thinking?

In almost equal measure we are questioned about the elements of the past. Where did humanity actually come from? Is the history we are taught true? Is there some hidden gnosis that we should be searching for, an ancient library awaiting discovery?