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The Importance of Being Open

The Importance of Being Open Archangel Metatron through Jill Harrison

I feel so stupid as I write this. But for those of you interested enough to read, here it goes. I deleted the first part of my meditation with Archangel Metatron. I felt disconnected and for some reason uninterested. Everything that was happening outside my home seemed to be deafeningly loud and distracting. So the conversation I was having seemed very disjointed, to say the least.

Originally, Archangel Metatron had been talking about how we need to learn to see similarities instead of differences, and through the ages, there are many stories in the Bible that teach us we’re different, the classic story being that of Adam and Eve. It sets the thought transference that we are separate — outcasts — and unworthy of God’s love, which according to Archangel Metatron couldn’t be further from the truth.

Archangel Metatron then went on to talk about the importance of being open and gave me an analogy. I suppose some might call it a parable. When I showed frustration as to why stories with hidden messages had to be given, Archangel Metatron said that by telling a story it was easier for people to relate. Yes, they would each interpret that story differently, but at least they would find meaning and acceptance instead of mistrust as compared to when just fact or mere points are given. The analogy/parable went like this: