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Connect to the Soul Heart for Clear Visions

Connect to the Soul Heart for Clear Visions Egyptian Cat Archetypes through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Astrological configurations for the whole month of August 2015 focus on getting to the heart of the truth in all matters. This is a powerful evaluation time in which each member of the human kingdom has the opportunity to take inventory of him- or herself — thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, concepts, and ideas — to assess his or her expression via the soul heart. For those who have expressed their lives by living up to or down to the expectations they have been led to believe is true, there are apt to be some rude awakenings. These revelations may cause some to seek to return to the past, the old familiar connections and ways of being, in search of a sense of security. There is no going back as the galactic energies pouring in from the center of the Milky Way galaxy steadily move all the kingdoms of the cosmos forward along the cosmic river of being.

Sacred Geometry in the New Cosmic Cycle

As the human kingdom is stretched to discover more and more ways to connect, cooperate, and communicate from a heart level with all beings, the necessity to face and overcome all fears within the psyche is paramount. This shift of energies is designed to facilitate a deeper experience and understanding of time in three dimensions, space in four dimensions, and beyond. This movement to living consciously from within five dimensions of existence at once reveals the wisdom of Pythagorean mysticism and sacred geometry.