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The Christ Consciousness Crystalline Portal of Light Terra Rae

Early on, while getting to know the Stellar Skulls, Crysta and I discovered that many have names from other universes. These are the original universes from before our space-time universe. Some of you are from these beautiful, light-filled ascended universes that mastered the polarity integration game. You have that idea in your cellular memory as to the actual mastering of the integration with compassion in the forefront.

When Divine Source stepped in with the idea of creating this space-time universe, he fragmented himself into many parts to create souls who were also just like him, as he wanted to have the experience of having more of himself. These were the first Source souls, which were first created from the twelfth dimension to be in this universe and assist in the creation and the game. They have all gone fully through this polarity game, and some have mastered the integration — but not all, with many polarizing to one side or the other.

I asked the skulls whether we could bring in some of this magnificent light from these other universes and possibly bring back some communication with the beings there. They emphatically stated that we could not do it then. They shared that the beings there were of very high dimensions and the timing had to be right. They shared that it could possibly be brought forth as we got closer to the ascension.