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Begin Anew: Say Yes and Love Yourself

Begin Anew: Say Yes and Love Yourself Archangel Raphael through Trisha Michael

Through the heart, we recognize aspects of us participating in fields of color. Hearts resound to harmonize and blend the full energy of man, of spirit, and of love that is not separated but cherished in pieces connecting to the whole. There is no separation from a heart space. The true heart’s connection finds no boundaries. There are no identities but one. The heart, which is the motor of you, encourages you to live in an identity that is your holy temple; to move in grace; to honor all sacred spaces that you occupy; and to reflect and project the essence of you, your love, and your wholeness to other hearts that come to play before you.

Love is an abstract understanding, for your reality holds spaces between spaces and makes love a program that has to sift through boundaries to unite, blend, and see your truth in the truth of another. Experience within your heart gives you the full awareness to awaken into the totality of love that you are and provides the full spectrum of love to be known so that love is not abstract but a hands-on, heartfelt dance that allows you to be fully in your life, in your body, and in every decision that you are making right now, whether consciously or unconsciously. The heart is the motor saying, “Yes, you are love, you are feeling, you are emotion, and you are your past and your present.” How divine and how sacred to hear, feel, and know you are one.