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Are You Denying Yourself What You Need to Be Whole?

Are You Denying Yourself What You Need to Be Whole? Higher Self through Carolyn Gervais

Life was created to experience all that is possible with the goal that humanity would evolve to the point of finding balance in caring for the body, mind, and soul instead of putting them at odds with each other. There are all kinds of physical, mental, and emotional habits and attachments in all human lives that start out as being harmless but end up becoming physical and mental obstacles as addictions.

Addictions can cause you to feel some form of shame to the point of pushing down, denying, and hiding, if possible, your shame from the rest of the world. If it is not possible to hide an addiction from the world, you are more apt to suffer not only personal humiliation but also the humiliation that comes from the judgment of others.

One major cause of addiction comes from the feeling of having little to no control over your life to the point that you hold yourself hostage to your inner fears. This is when you tend to do anything you can to ease, calm, and even be rid of — if only temporarily — your pain and suffering in order to be able to function as a “normal” human.