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The Universal Life Force Is Coming

The Universal Life Force Is Coming Gabriel through Arthur Fanning

All right. Time and space ナ time and space. Time is silent, a being called Time, an entity, an energy from Saturn, the planet Saturn. Silent and in a condition, the human ラ the human doesn't recognize time for what it is because it is what allows you to have space; it sets up parameters of space actually. In your world, you have time and distance, speed things. That formula is really related to the ability to perceive thought and work with thought, the thought process: the thinking of the entity, the results of thinking.

That's the experience you're having now, particularly in all communities. People are realizing that their individual time is important. They are slowly getting that message ラ the importance of your time, and then there will be the importance of your space as the spiritual forces accumulate greatly within the physical form because they don't really want to leave. They want to perpetuate what is called the understanding and knowledge of the divine, pretty much, and how you work with time and how you work with space and how it relates to thought and how it relates to feeling.

So time separation is beginning to occur, what we call time separation. Beings will choose who not to be with, primarily now, who not to be with ラ not who to be with, but who they don't want to associate with anymore because of the drain of the energies in this thing. It's become knowledge inside of self, which is what you're told will take you back to your primal state, pretty much, where you have to have confidence in your knowing, in your ability to do without the fear pushing the orientation toward getting the thing done, you see.