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Star-Related Helpers

Star-Related Helpers All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be through Elliott Eli Jackson

What we are about to share with you now is new information for the advancement of your planet. It is also intended to prepare you for the ones who are coming to assist you in human form now. Since your year 1919, which was the start of a different level of the change for your planet on a higher spiritual basis, two star-related groupings (starseeds and Indigo children) have come to your planet.

Before these related groupings, the majority of souls, or spirits, that took human form on your planet had already been through many lifetimes, as you understand the term, within your Earth's solar system. Very few came to your solar system from stars or outside your galaxy. Starseeds began to funnel onto and into your planet from 1950 to 1975. There are some exceptions but not many.

Now, many of them, or rather their quintessential spirits, experienced some lifetimes within and with-on your planet before going into stars as they were forming. These ones, after a period of either being in a star as it was forming or being in some form of encasement on a body or landmass within and with-on the two star systems that we will be mentioning, did come to your Earth. Starseeds, through total free will (we will explain this term later), came to your Earth from the Procyon star system. After them came the Indigos. A minuscule number of Indigos came before 1975, not many. Moreover, Indigos likewise came through total free will, or chose to come to your planet from the Sirius star systems. After Indigos came the star implants.