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Soul Journeying, Part 1

Soul Journeying, Part 1 Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. The message to follow is exactly what my partner thought it would be. There is a protocol that I use with my partner [Lee] that he recognizes: He gets the opportunity to enhance a message that he "hears" for the first time in one place but will deliver in another. Whereas he might be hesitant to ever repeat a channeling, he would be more inclined to if he "knew" it was appropriate.

Last week, we stopped the recorder during a channeling. When this happens without an obvious 3D reason or technical issue, it's his "signal" to sit down and channel the same message again so that it can be recorded and transcribed. The structure is the same and the verbiage is very similar, but the information will be enhanced.

Dear Human Beings, you want to singularize everything. You have a tendency to take that which is understood in your dimensionality and place it on God. It's not surprising that you do this, and there's no judgment, since it's all you have to use as your guide. Your reality is your reality and, therefore, you place it on God. It's what you know. Now it's up to me to give you this explanation yet again about what you call the Human soul, which is not really Human at all.