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The Power of Choice

The Power of Choice Dwahl Khul through Catherine Weser

Making a choice is an exercise of incredible power. You might at first think that we mean that there is a lot of power in making the right choice, but we suggest that the power of choice lies in the realization of the fact that ultimately all choices are right.

Understanding dualism, understanding the nature of living a human existence, is understanding that you will be constantly confronted by the either/or scenario. Basically, what happens in these either/or scenarios is that both sides get incredibly loaded up with all sorts of things, and unconsciously you start what we call the "ledger sheet" process.

You have choice A and choice B, and then you come up with just an enormous number of concepts to compare these two things. Some pros go on one side of the ledger, and some cons go on the other side of the ledger, and the lists are endless. That's what goes on unconsciously, and the fact is you'll never be able to resolve dualism with dualism. You'll never be able to resolve A or B by contrasting A to B because eventually you will have to recognize that they're going to come out equal. There cannot be a winner. It doesn't matter what your particular choice A is or what your particular choice B is, and the minute you can recognize that, you are set free from the underlying compulsion to pick the right thing.