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Orgasms and Ice Cream

Orgasms and Ice Cream Nana Hendricks

As a spiritual counselor and guide, I have helped many people cross over to the other side. The death and dying process is a miracle to witness. I have seen the soul leaving the body, and I have journeyed with it into the light.

The spirit, or heavenly, realm is magnificent and filled with love. Golden illuminated souls shine brightly everywhere. The surprising thing for me is that I could see myself there and here simultaneously. We exist in both realities! I found myself anchored there in the heavenly realm, and everyone else that I know here on the Earth plane was there too.

I released any fear or anxiety over death and dying because I realized that through the death process, we are not losing anything but rather gaining everything. The death process raises our consciousness back into the knowing of who we are as souls in oneness. We are not separate. We are eternal, illuminated, and connected through unity and the frequency of love.