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If It's Not Done Out of Love, It's Not Worth Doing

If It's Not Done Out of Love, It's Not Worth Doing Ethan Indigo Smith

The more I learn about Buddhism, the more I appreciate the many teachings of Buddha and the subsequent learned people who followed him ラ and the more I hear people speaking on such lessons, whether they realize it or not. Truth resonates like that.

To find resonating truth in the time of the Kali Yuga ラ the Fourth Age of Deception ラ I try to find correlation of information among many subjects. Buddhism both reveals and correlates with truths from other cultures and other systems, namely, those of science, psychology, and the esoteric.

I will attempt to summarize one of the most profound teachings of Buddhism, which can require an immense amount of absorption (another term for meditation or contemplation) to integrate: that there is Sasra and Nirvana. Understanding this duality can lead to a greater understanding, being the ultimate contrast of Buddhism. First, though, here are some teachings as a base to this idea.