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Coherence, Resistance, and Healing

Coherence, Resistance, and Healing Juliano, the Arcturians, Chief White Eagle, and Metatron through David K. Miller

Greetings, I am Juliano, and we are the Arcturians. I want to look at the concept of coherence and how this important concept applies to personal, planetary, and galactic healing. Coherence is a term that has a multidimensional meaning, especially when it comes to energy work. Coherence means that there is a unification of all aspects of the body, the mind, and the spirit. It also applies to the planet. Coherence means that all of the energies are directed in a single force, in a single pattern, and in a single way. On a personal level, when you act with coherence, you are able to accomplish many powerful things and have a resource of energy available to you that is far beyond what your normal limitations might be. Even from this brief description, you can understand how desirable it is to have coherence in your individual energy work, in your personal healing work, and ラ equally important ラ in the planetary healing that all of you want to accomplish.

There are several important factors in developing coherence, and I will cover those factors today. I want to also explain some ideas about planetary coherence. Most people, after we explain coherence, will understand and accept the need for coherence in your personal actions and in your energy. In fact, on a personal and planetary basis, we are already seeing the drastic ill effects that are occurring when people do not have coherence. There are many examples now of the lack of coherence on the planet. This planet is not experiencing coherence but exactly the opposite.

Many people have a lack of coherence in their energy fields. This is a very serious situation because if your energy field is not coherent, then you are moving toward disunity. Disunity in an energy field means, in particular, that lower-vibrational beings can attach themselves to your energy fields, causing many problems. The ultimate side effect is that when a lower being attaches to you, then that being can control you and control your actions. This is a direct result of lacking coherence in your energy field.