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Blessed Oneness Illuminates the World of Grace

Blessed Oneness Illuminates the World of Grace Wisdom of Universal Oneness through Judith K. Moore

As the children of light awaken and the crystalline frequencies of the DNA are expanded, the DNA opens the lightbody to a pure and conscious union with the energies of creation that are infusing your planet from the cosmic source. The forbidden knowledge that once was practiced only by adepts and the spiritual elite is now open like a book of light for the seekers to reveal the power of mystical forces at work in the world.

You are the seekers, and you are the seers. You are the ones of light who have come to this Earth to illuminate divine consciousness. As your crystalline DNA accelerates, the molecular structure of your mineral body aligns in crystalline geometries of light. Each element of the earth that is responsive to electromagnetic energy of high vibration, each element in your body, each molecular structure of the minerals in your body, responds to the power of this light of illumination. As they align the crystalline structure within your crystal lightbody, you become more responsive to the energies that are flowing from the cosmic source.

Your energy body becomes like a superconductive field of love that draws to it the power of the vibration of eternal oneness and generates the energy into the etheric plane. There, the masters of light await you ラ the ascended masters, the angelics, and the masters of enlightenment. There are great crystal cities of light in the etheric plane that contain such a pure and high vibration that Earth is not ready yet to sustain their physical forms. It is through the crystal cities of light that the sound of your lightbody reverberates, for every element in your body is now vibrating with the power of cosmic source.