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Billy Meier UFO Contacts

Billy Meier UFO Contacts Michael Horn

This is my first column for the Sedona Journal, and I want to hit the ground running. My focus will be on the Billy Meier UFO contacts, still ongoing for over seventy-two years in Switzerland, and their unique authenticity.

I'm going to get into that more deeply in the ensuing columns, but first let me acknowledge that there certainly have been other UFO-related events on Earth, not all of which by any means have anything to do with actual extraterrestrials or their craft.

According to the information in the Meier material, Roswell was a real event, actually one of a number in which extraterrestrial craft crashed and, in some cases, the androids that were piloting the craft were also recovered, either alive or dead. This is also where the disinformation about the so-called Grays originated. We'll get into that later too.