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Benevolence Is Moving toward You

Benevolence Is Moving toward You ET from Craft in Video of London Sighting through Robert Shapiro

So you got our message, ay? Our people have decided to show a variation of one of our small vehicles to you. It's important now that people have physical evidence, as you know, that other life forms are interested in you. The reason we are present is that we've been interacting with the transformative element on Earth. Earth as a planet has had her transformational aspects ラ how she can transform, how she supports transformation, and so forth ラ interfered with because of people digging up crystals and, to a lesser degree, other mining.

Yet there's still enough crystalline structure within the rock mass itself to perform the task, only it's more difficult; that's why it's taking longer. Transformation for your planet was predicted sometime ago, and it's been taking longer because of that interference, but it is understood why such interference took place. People like the beauty of crystals, and they don't understand their function in the earth, but much has been written about that. I won't go into that right now since that's a whole encyclopedia.

We will say that on our planet and in our culture, what we do is transform and help others in that process. So naturally, we've been on and around your planet for the past 400,000 years or so. But not everybody is here for that long. We are not immortal. Not unlike you, we have a lifespan, and not unlike you, our lifespan is about (measured in your years) 125 years. And not unlike you, we are human beings but a little different. If you were to see us ラ you know, you've been through this whole thing about dimensions all being in one place and that whole business, yes? ラ and if you were to follow in our footsteps, it would take you about nine more stages to get to where we are physically and spiritually. That's the best way I can say this.