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Anchoring Self-Ascension through the Storm

Anchoring Self-Ascension through the Storm Archangel Zadkiel through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Beloved beings of the divine oneness, light, and joy, it is a great celebration to share this sacred time with thee today. As you embody the energy of this time, beloved children of this world, it is again the moment of understanding of the process of self-ascension. Many have now offered to themselves a portal into this energy.

Your Anchor

Beloved angels, for indeed you are angels, recognize that within the energy of the portal is the opening of self-ascension. There is a great anchoring of spirit that occurs when you hold open the portal. To anchor your spirit is indeed different from how you may think of anchoring a boat. When you anchor a boat, you throw out the heavy weight and dredge the bottom. Many are anchoring their spirits in this way. This is an attachment to what many call the first chakra, the root chakra. So many are anchoring deeply, dredging deeply, into pain, recognition, and habitual energy. And this is okay. Sometimes, in order to weather the storm, you must drop anchor and just hold on! Many are dropping anchor this way, many are dredging, and many are going to hold on very, very tightly through the storm, and they will say, "Okay, I have found my spot. It is here. I shall stick it out." Good. Now we ask you, what and where, beloved ones, are your anchors?

Beloved children, as you move forward in your illumination, as you allow your ascended hearts to come forward, what do you choose to be or anchor? Perhaps you may choose your ascended heart. In the energy of the ascended heart, there is no need to dredge at the bottom of a lake, for indeed you are an angel floating over it, showering it with love.