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Accept and Embrace Your Fear

Accept and Embrace Your Fear Babaji through Rashmi Khilnani

Babaji, I find the world over that even people on a spiritual path of one kind or another still try to please others in the name of so-called unconditional love. I observe that many of your devotees and the devotees of other powerful enlightened beings chant mantras, perform yagnas, and participate in satsang, yet they continue to be afraid of offending their friends and families, even when this servility on their part leads to a total compromising of their deepest truth, love, and integrity.

Sometimes, a spiritual aspirant walks their talk in one area of life while continuing to sacrifice his or her integrity in the name of keeping the peace, which shows a total lack of courage.

I find that few people will speak their truth in a crowd, particularly if their expression of integrity is in conflict with the views of the mob. We are past December 2012, and yes, people are waking up, and great miracles of conscious connection are occurring, but this lack of courage that I am pointing out, here and now, continues to be chronic and widespread. How can we shift out of this fear of being and embracing who we are, of loving others through having to say no to them, or even at times oppose the views or behavior of the people we love?