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The World Has Changed: There Are No More Secrets

The World Has Changed: There Are No More Secrets The Keeper of Time, Elrah, and the group through Steve Rother

Greetings from Home, dear ones! I am the Keeper of Time. It is time to start revealing some of what lies ahead for all of you who stepped willingly and gleefully into this future. You expected the greatest possibilities, and you have experienced all the challenges necessary to clear the energy and make that step.

Now you are looking around, trying to catch your reflection, and it is very difficult. The world has changed. You have changed as well, as you are discovering. You are just now anchoring your energy. It makes no difference what your gifts are, and you no longer feel passionate about the same things you used to. They are not returning the energy that you used to put into them, for the world has changed — literally.

Expecting a Third-Dimensional Reality within the Fifth Dimension

The simplest way to perceive this is to recognize that you have moved fully into the fifth dimension. However, you are still trying to use your limited three dimensions in the fifthdimensional reality. You are waking up in the morning and looking at everything exactly as you left it the night before, searching for your passion and your place in the universe. But you do not see it. What is taking place is causing a panic on planet Earth. It is a very quiet panic that has not yet hit the front pages of your newspapers, but it has the effect of causing everyone to doubt themselves a bit.