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What Lies beyond Belief

What Lies beyond Belief Higher Self through Carolyn Gervais

All of humanity needs to become more aware than ever of what they believe about themselves, life, and the world they are helping to create in every moment of every day. How do you do that? You begin by looking inward at every belief and perception you have about each aspect of your life. That includes the people in your life who have an impact on you emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Gradually, children begin to view the world through their parents' eyes more than anyone else's. Why? Parents are the role models of how to live in this world, as I'm sure you know. Children do not know how to judge someone or something until they are taught to judge. Don't think for a moment that your children don't know when you are being judgmental.

Everything is energy expressing in some way, no matter if it is in a harmful, negative way; in a healing, positive way; or a mixture of both. The problem is, the crazier and more chaotic the world becomes and the more desperate and fearful people feel, the more chaos and fear are created because chaos and fear feed on each other. This is what is often termed the ego, which has to do with the five human senses that can take over bodies and minds to such a degree that you can go somewhat — or completely — out of your reasoning mind, losing control over your senses and therefore the outcome of your actions. This is becoming dominant in most societies and countries on Earth, causing turmoil in all its forms.