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The Theos Plane

The Theos Plane All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be through Elliott Eli Jackson

Channel's Note: It is through my opening up to the universe that Source comes through me and gives this important information; much of it I am personally working on understanding myself. This information is designed to assist all — those who have been on a spiritual path for some time and those who may be in the beginning stages of the spiritual journey of finding out who and what they are: creators who are an integral part of the universe.

Many of you do not remember the part or parts your magnificent spirits have had in the histories of your planet, your universe, and other universes. Last month Source began sending information about other planets and galaxies, our universe, and parallel universes. [See pg. 42–43 of the July 2013 edition of the Sedona Journal of Emergence!] Now, further information is provided about other planes of existence.

Many of you have lived on other planes of existence. Some of the names of the planes are:

  • Theos
  • Tambrorian
  • Macctrian
  • Parrel

In the following months, we will be explaining in great detail each of the above planes and how they relate to many of you who are alive today. You should know that they are within the same time continuum as your planet. And at this time, we are trickling down more insight into such matters to some of your living quantum theorists, a few scientists, and selected intuitives who have opened themselves up to divine and interior/ exterior galactic information. You will not be able to find much information, if any, on these planes as of yet. This month we focus on Theos. We will now give you insight into this Creator plane.