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Starbeings Seek Human Agents to Do Their 3D Work

Starbeings Seek Human Agents to Do Their 3D Work Stephanie Clement

The Big Dipper has held a significant position in the astronomy of regions as diverse as China, Central America, Europe, northern Africa, and western Asia. What makes this group of stars so important?

In some cultures, navigation by the stars was essential for trade and expansion. The Big Dipper points to Polaris, the Pole Star, and Polaris shows the wayfarer where north is.

A second reason may be even more important in the present time. We now desire spiritual guidance as we navigate the acceleration of information coming to us from all parts of the universe. We are being contacted more and more directly by mind and by ascended teachers. The Big Dipper has a long history as the seat of rishis — teachers, the sons of Arcturus, the seven spirits of God, and other carriers of light and wisdom.