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Shamanic Wisdom: We Are the Ultimate Creator Beings

Shamanic Wisdom: We Are the Ultimate Creator Beings Jan Engels-Smith

"In creating, the only hard thing is to begin."
— James Russell Lowell

On a personal level, empowerment is what provides the strength, tenacity, and influence to alter your own life, the environment in which you live, and the course of the history of your existence. Additionally, since we know individuals exist within a unified cosmic order in which every act and every thought ripples across the universe as a mutating force, we must consider the consequences of the empowerment we seek and understand the potential for a positive influence in our immediate community and beyond into the whole universe.

Spiritual Empowerment Is a Choice We Make

As we gain the power to heal and become our true selves, we create an energy field that not only encompasses our inner beings but simultaneously creates vibrational forces of a like nature that emanate outward and alter all that they touch.

In the common world, we might speak of an individual who possesses authority empowering another person with the right to act and make authoritative decisions. But in the spiritual world, power is self-acquired and empowerment is a choice we make. Prior to finding this inner strength, we may have had a perception of helplessness as we struggled with problems, pain, and loss.