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Reclaiming Lost Feminine Energy and Embracing the Divine Masculine

Reclaiming Lost Feminine Energy and Embracing the Divine Masculine Zi'antha through Wendy Zellea

After eons of living in a system based on male superiority, the time has come when many lightworkers are beginning to embrace the Divine Feminine in an effort to help return humanity to a balanced existence here on Earth. In doing so, they are letting go of programs that are products of a dualistic thought-form — such as competitiveness, aggression, and submission — and reintegrating feminine archetypal character aspects such as flow, gentleness, and cocreation into their lightbodies.

This is not, however, an activity only for women; men must also acknowledge their feminine side. In this new age, women are learning to embrace personal power and men are learning to relinquish it. There is no blame to be placed on either side though, for all humans are working their way into a new reality, and to point fingers only creates resentment, which is counterproductive.

How Men Seized and Held Women's Power in the Past

Long ago, matriarchal societies prevailed on Earth. Then a change occurred; it was called the fall of humanity. It took place when an imbalance was created, as men decided that if they took power from women and combined it with their own, they would become even more powerful. They discovered that by exerting force, they could easily disempower women.