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Reaching Balance through Connection to Universal Love

Reaching Balance through Connection to Universal Love Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

Balance, dear ones, balance. It is a such a simple word, but not very well understood by humanity. What does true balance mean, you may ask? Your indigenous peoples have long held the secret to balance. Energies exist both within and without that shape your perceptions of life. It is folly to pay more attention to the inner world over the outer world, or vice versa. The inner and outer worlds both shape your experiences of Earth. All aspects of your earthly experience are sacred.

Forces constantly come at you that shape your world, and often you find yourself pulled back into drama or fearing that life may once again rise up and leave you hurting and wanting for security, safety, and love. So where does balance play a part in all of this? Balance is choosing to be right where you are in every moment that presents itself.

Yes, balance also means when you learn that a mistake has caused your checking account to become overdrawn that you allow the frustration to manifest and you feel it, but then you also choose to let it go in that same moment. That is where balance comes into play, dear ones, because you do not remain in the angst of blaming self or others but choose instead to see what has happened as experience.