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Preparing for Life Beyond Duality

Preparing for Life Beyond Duality Translated from the Hamagda through Almine

Translated from the Hamagda by the Seer Almine

Anvechbi aras binach heres arasta vibrechvi setva binavi eresat nunas kelsahut.Karasech seshavat unat arasta vivat. Seshavat enek sivavat heres aste plivat harunich menech seveva.

Translated: Value systems demand loyalty. Loyalty demands conformity to expectations. Thus the stagnating comfort of tribalism is born.

Perceptions to Prepare the Way for a Life of No Opposites

  • Transformation, transmutation, and transfiguration: The three linear stages of change have been like a walking stick to a blind man — a way for the Infinite to see itself by mapping out a portion of its being.
  • This same blindness, or inability to see oneself, is found in the microcosm: Humanity. It sees only the external space, not the internal space.