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Off-Planet Assistance Is Coming to Earth Soon

Off-Planet Assistance Is Coming to Earth Soon Lady Portia through Star Hinman

Greetings, dear ones. I wish to bring you some perspective on all of these events and changes that are coming on Earth and causing such disruption many times for the outer parts of who you are — your habits, your routines, and all of these things human beings become so attached to in the outer world. You will have to release much of this if you wish to move forward — which you can do — to the ultimate aspects of this, because all prior limits have been released from all of you, as you know instinctively, by these huge energies that are propelling Earth into much higher dimensional realities than you have ever known before. This is what is causing the disruption in your physical bodies. It needs time to adapt to all of this. So, yes, it would be wise to take a moment from your schedules and your daily routines in order to absorb these highest frequencies that have never before come on the planet, if you see my point. This does not happen every day, and it will not continue without end, because when we see that the objectives have been achieved with this, it will be withdrawn for a time.

Of course, this is something that will come and go — you will feel it, and then it will be gone — because it is not something that is going to be permanently affecting you. And I know that many of you are very happy to hear this, because this has been a great inconvenience for many people — feeling as though you could happily sleep through the entire day. Sometimes this is not a pleasant sensation for those of you who intend to work 24–7, and those of you who have this pattern in your lives certainly know who you are!

A Unique Opportunity

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for humanity that is, in my view, so much more important than a few errands or a few lists of what must be done. So those of you who are very fond of these errands and lists had better rethink this if you do not wish to miss one of the most glorious opportunities yet to come on this planet. This is my view of the situation, and I can tell you that this is only going to increase in intensity. I know you're very happy to hear that!