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Love and Acknowledge Your Self

Love and Acknowledge Your Self The Natural Aspect of Shiva through Arthur Fanning

Human experience now is in that space around you; your physical bodies are going to speak through your bodies. The space is packed with entities that you're not aware of yet. And if you proceed respectfully, the integration will be smooth. If you don't have respect for the space around you, it will be a very difficult time. You will have confusion in the mind of self. It's important, see, to focus within the safety of your self, your inner self. Your inner torque — your inner tightness, your twist that you use to enter the body — is now that point that is your safety, deep inside you here, now.

There exist beings, those who see you as individual, not respecting your vehicles, who are offering — petitioning, actually, higher forces — to enter, not always for the benefit of the one living in there. So now is the time to claim your body and yourself; respect your organs and its units. Now, your vehicles that haven't been taken care of are going to testify against you. Your organs all will. That is what's going on now. Even the physical brain — the unit, the entity there — is feeling the influence of others, not the self. So inside confirmation of self is needed now.

The Heart Within

Appropriate conduct through self is necessary, particularly to the heart. It is a baby. The hearts of your selves are babies. They cry for not getting attention. That is going to change. Respect for the heart is going to become a force to be recognized — to be reckoned with. There will be those who want to convince you that your heart is not yours; it is yours. You must respect it — all four chambers. Breathe through each chamber; that is where your push is for the force developed out of the bone. Respect for the divinity of your own blood is required now, because the thought of self is transmuted, transmuted and sent through the body, through the blood. The beat of the heart — the quiet is thinking from the heart for protection through the heart.