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Going Higher and Higher

Going Higher and Higher Archangel Michael through Carolyn Ann O'Riley

Greetings and welcome! Your energy fields are blazing higher and higher with ignited frequency particles. The more awake you become and the higher you go up in frequency, my beloveds, the more light is infused within all of your energy fields.

You have gone from being these tiny and faint little candle flames to brilliant, large floodlights. Wow, what a difference your clearing and releasing has done for your vibrations! Good job, good job. Just think what that would look like from the celestial realms if all seven-plus billion humans resonated to the higher frequencies and vibrations that you are displaying today. Your Earth plane would shift in an instant.

Earth Is Ready for Massive Transformation

This is the task at hand, for the Earth plane is ultimately shifting from a school of duality and polarity to one of total and infinite love, unity, and peace. That is what this shift is all about; some like to label it "ascension." Can you imagine this? One must be able to put the intention out into the universe and imagine it to bring it into manifestation.