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Enjoying the Changes

Enjoying the Changes Rhonda Smith

August 2013 (23/5)

You experienced this vibration during the entire year of 2012, so it's not anything new. It is all about freedom and change with a focus on your own approach. There is an underlying sense of adventure and change, so make sure you are connected to your center within to move through it all. Remember to blend yourself and use all your abilities to enjoy the adventure. You have quick perceptions as well, so don't second-guess yourself, and be willing to deal with the spontaneous situations rather than be frightened by them. Freedom is here, and it increases your sense of responsibility, so learn to handle this constructively so you don't break away from situations before the right time. Your goal is to be secure within yourself so that you can move through the changes smoothly and with conviction.

August 1 to August 3, 2013 (75/12/3)

This week brings opportunities to give expression to your strong convictions. You seek peace and freedom to develop your insights and discernment because you know the material things are not enough. Use this time for creative efforts that will result in growth and understanding. Maintain persistent efforts to achieve your goals, and you will find the hidden treasures and insights within that will bring you to wholeness and completion. You have versatility, which is to be controlled and directed toward what you know is necessary to reap the harvest and realize the rewards you have in your world. Your goal is to accept that fulfillment comes from accepting your own intangible spiritual truths.

You start the month with the intense energies of the master builder of the physical plane pushing you to be sensitive and aware of your inner insights and bring them to the surface. Friday you are reminded to stay connected to those inner insights. Use them to visualize and energize what you desire in your world. Saturday you have benevolent energies to manifest what you have discovered and use the spontaneity to manifest your desires.