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Depression and Anxiety: Losing Your Connection to the Soul

Depression and Anxiety: Losing Your Connection to the Soul Archangel Raphael through Jill Harrison

Blessings! Today I wish to help you look to treating and curing anxiety and depression. For too long, it has been considered that adding chemicals to alter the human brain's chemistry is a way to treat anxiety and depression. I feel it is important for you all to look at how damaging this is, because instead of allowing the body to rebalance itself, the chemical compounds administered to the body override the natural healing process.

What Causes It

Depression occurs when you become disconnected from your soul. The soul resides in the heart and has a special link with the brain, by way of an ethereal cord. This ethereal cord, which connects to the pineal gland, relays energies between the soul and the brain. The brain protects the soul by filtering information received from external and internal experiences. When the soul is ignored, this relay of information becomes stilted, and therefore the body utilizes its energy to try to stimulate the relay of energy. Due to the body utilizing the energy in this way, the first symptoms that will begin to show are feeling generally run down, lack of appetite, and lack of energy.

Over a period of time, as the body loses its energy, the brain tries to kick-start the body's energies to rebalance the ethereal energy flow. And when this happens, anxiety attacks occur as a result of energy flows affecting the body but not being expended. The body cries out to release the energy through exercise, and the conscious mind struggles to cope with the excess energy and therefore reacts in fear.