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Creation Accelerates DNA: Activating the Living Blueprint for the New Earth

Creation Accelerates DNA: Activating the Living Blueprint for the New Earth The Wisdom of Universal Creation through Judith K. Moore

Earth is accelerating. The velocity of the electromagnetic grid of the planet is intensifying, sending charges of negative and positive ions in high-velocity patterns through the electromagnetic grid of the planet. The north/south polar frequencies are vacillating as the frequencies speed up with the acceleration of time. The human neurological system, which is electrical in nature, is in a state of metamorphosis.

Human Adaptation to the Earth's Accelerated Frequencies

Humanity has to adapt to the accelerated frequencies of the electromagnetic field of the planet that each individual is attuned or connected to. Their neurological systems are, you might say, calibrated to the electromagnetic frequencies of the world grid. The awakeners are sensitive to these frequencies because they have a more evolved energetic dynamic due to the fact that they have opened their pineal and pituitary glands as well as their lightbodies to receive and transmit negative ions.

Psychic energy is basically electromagnetic. Earth herself is putting off charges that trigger the acceleration of consciousness. There is an energy relationship now between the accelerated lightbodies of the lightworkers we call the awakeners and the accelerated high-velocity energy of the planet. This creates an energy that is charged by the intense photonic particles from the photon field around the planet and the solar particles, which are at an all-time high of solar magnetism. This is why grounding as lightworkers is so essential.