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Creating a Spiritual Life

Creating a Spiritual Life Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. Are you seeking to increase your inner balance in a troubling society? Are you looking ahead in your life to gain a higher level of existence? Do you wish to manifest a keener sense of spiritual energy in your life?

Many today have a strong sense that they are part of something larger, that they possess a higher purpose. It is easy to connect with that higher self when thinking of the future and a common eventuality that faces all humanity. However, we are not speaking of that transition from the physical realm back into spirit. We are asking you about this current incarnation of yours. It is important to remember there is much that can and should be accomplished in the present days. No matter your belief system, you can see you have a strong presence on the planet at this moment in time. By paying closer attention to the here and now, you will gain much in the search for increased spirituality.

Creating a Practical Path of Spiritual Growth

It is easy and common to get caught up in speculating what comes after death from the planet. Once you have passed this life, things will run a natural course. There is very little you need or are able to control from the realm of gravity.