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Choosing the Path of Conscious Living

Choosing the Path of Conscious Living Isis through Beverley Bright Star

Hello my friends. This is Isis of Thebes and Karnak. I want to continue with you all today on the subject of what I will call your overall focus of life. So you have the things that you do every day, and then you have your day-to-day inner spiritual life. Some people have a very active, alive, and vivid inner spiritual world while others are just getting started. It does not matter what part of the path you are on or how far down that path you have journeyed but that you have started, and you are indeed on your chosen path. That is the main idea and focus.

The most important adjunct of any path is the beginning. You must be willing to take that first step. Then you will be governed and guided by your personal retinue of angels, guides, and sometimes beings such as fairies, gnomes, and even at times the insect realm — butterflies, bees, dragonflies, and so on. Such beings can act as beacons along your way. Listening to them with your heart and using your soul's wisdom along with help from us — those who dwell in the higher realms of consciousness — can be integral parts in your journey of ascension, both here on Earth and when you pass over, as the sacred journey continues on far past physical death.

What I am saying here and giving forth as your lesson for this month is that you should congratulate yourself for already having a rich inner life. Or on the other hand, congratulate yourself for thinking seriously about starting one. In the midst of these difficult times, it is no small task to do either one of these things.