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Benevolent Magic For Radioactivity

Benevolent Magic For Radioactivity Robert Shapiro

Transforming Radioactivity Now!

I want to share something with you today. We cannot wait or pretend some things do not exist, so it is time to do something with Benevolent Magic. We know that Benevolent Magic is something that works for us as individuals, whereas Living Prayer, while it does work for us, also works for everyone else.

I am sure that you, as everyone who is familiar with Benevolent Magic and Living Prayer, have been saying things and doing things to help improve the world situation, but there can be no doubt that a sense of great urgency comes up because of the spread of radioactivity from atomic reactors and the radioactive materials passing near and through them and into our environment.

We come now to a great opportunity for using Benevolent Magic, often stronger than living prayer because of everyone's built in survival instinct, so I'm going to recommend that you do a simple Benevolent Magic and share it with others.