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Be Happy with What You Have, but Work for What You Want

Be Happy with What You Have, but Work for What You Want Donna Taylor

Every Monday evening I attend a local yoga class. During the relaxation at the end of each class when we are all snuggled up beneath our blankets, the yoga teacher reads us a thought for the day. Last night's wise little offering was the following: "Be happy with what you've got whilst working for what you want." This struck a chord with me since I have lately been focused too much on what I want while griping about what's lacking. I know that I'm not alone in this tendency, and it's strange how it often seems that the more we have, the more we want. The month of August will amplify this strange need for more as we have a T-square featuring Jupiter, Pluto, and Uranus throughout the entire month. It's the opposition between Jupiter and Pluto that reflects tendencies toward greed, so it would be very easy — especially during the first week of the month — to find our thoughts clamoring toward what we want rather than appreciating what we've already got. And with Uranus forming the third angle of the T-square, we could feel more inclined than normal to abruptly walk away from a situation simply because we feel it's not giving us enough.

At their worst, Jupiter and Pluto represent greed and power. This combination always wants more, and since we live in a world that encourages this hunger, August — especially the early part — could see us succumbing to a misguided focus on what we haven't got but sorely want.

It's interesting that we in the West have everything our hearts desire, materially speaking, yet a great many of us suffer from spiritual bankruptcy, resulting in depression or just flatlining our way through life. Conversely, in very poor areas of the Eastern world, although the people have very little, they are often full of joy. During August, Jupiter and Pluto will seek to bring this dichotomy into our awareness. How come, if we have so much, are we so unfulfilled? Perhaps what we need to be looking for is greater meaning, for Jupiter and Pluto always seek growth but their highest expression is spiritual growth.