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All Are One

All Are One The Seven Teachers through Miriandra Rota

Greetings! We are Seven Teachers who come forth to speak with those beings who reside on Earth and are choosing to expand in consciousness in such a way that they will live in a manner that will hold those energies within which resides the awakening of all of humanity. And though everything about which we would like to speak to you cannot be stated in these few words, we choose to begin in this manner. Firstly, we say you know who you are. You know if you are to hear these words, take them to your innermost being, allow them to reside therein, and then to allow the changes in your vibrational frequencies as a direct result of expanded truth merging with that which is called you.

You Know Who You Are

You know who you are if the compassion you hold for those who continue to suffer, for those who reach forth for help but simultaneously refuse to change, for those children who cry out for their mothers, and for those ones who effort to be holy while being told that they will never be holy enough; if the compassion that you hold for those you love even when they believe that you are most strange for the beliefs that you reside within is the compassion of the great ones who love simply because they must. If you love simply because you must, then you know you are meant to hear these words.

You know who you are if there is something inside of you — a message, an inner knowing, a feeling that cannot be denied — that tells you there is something magnificent occurring and that you are definitely a part of it.