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Aim High and Keep Your Focus

Aim High and Keep Your Focus Jeshua Ben Joseph through Sharon Taphorn

I am Jeshua Ben Joseph, as I was known then. I was the first child for Mary and Joseph. It was a time of a great shift — not unlike the one you find yourselves in at this time. Many of you are the masters who walked with me at that time, and I am always here to be your guide as I walk with you, side by side, for this one.

I am always honored and humbled by the love and devotion that the people feel for me, and I return it to you a hundredfold. It is indeed a grand journey that you undertake as humans. Know and trust that I have walked the same path you are on. I have such great love for you all, the lightworkers and the loveworkers, as you continue the work we started so very long ago. Many of you of that time are here now, playing out new yet similar roles to raise the consciousness of love. Know I walk beside you with every step you take and that I am indeed with you and part of your journey.

Fall in love with the journey that is your life, and walk the path with your enhanced intuition and spiritual growth as an important aspect of your journey. Spend time developing and trusting them, as they are your guidance system and can be most-trusted friends. Maintaining and understanding human relationships is part of the path of the finite human, so embrace these relationships. Do not fear them. They can be the most magnificent of gifts when you trust that it is love that builds the energy of home in your hearts as well as on your Earth.